Modern Twist on Exposed Brick

Bricks have been used for building of structures since the beginning of architecture for building permanent structures. Exposed brick structures became famous with the public since the late 1900’s. People prefer these as they are not only an eco friendly option, but are also sustainable. They are cost effective as it saves on the plaster and paint cost.  Also while giving the structure an earthy and rustic appearance while adding character to the interior and exterior.

The use of bricks also promotes local artisans who are employed in its manufacturing. Climatically to it is favourable as its absorbs moisture and humidity while keeping the room cool.

Sculptures and embellishments of a different material clad on a brick wall provide a beautiful and a rich contrast between the two different elements. Earlier it was only used as a material for building with bricks simply stacked on top of each other with a plaster applied on them. But with a new style emerging now, this can be used to create an intrinsic design with different elevation treatments.

Brick and timber is a combination one needs to explore now as both the elements are eco friendly.

Exposed brick is easy maintenance as one doesn’t need continuous paint touch ups, and after its demolition, it can be easily recycled.

Doesn’t matter if you are a believer of modern style of architecture, or if you prefer the more classic and elegant style of architecture, an exposed brick wall is a combination with any style and any material.

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