Architecture and Real Estate Trends

Real estate and architecture quite often fail to recognise their inexorable connections, and on most levels, tend to be in complete contradiction of one another. While architects tend to push the boundaries of design by often looking past the ease of execution and practicality, without worrying about the current real estate trends, real estate developers push for designs which are simple and practically quick to construct, very often letting the design take a backseat. Unfortunately, it is the buyer who has to ultimately deal with the consequences.

More often than not, developer-led projects treat design and the designers as afterthoughts, compromising on their design, and leading to the production of cookie cutter buildings with typical planning, and scheming which can be picked up and placed anywhere in the city. The outcome being identical architecture which fails to explore how each different form could have impacted the investment and real estate value.

Architects are trained to interpret and develop ideas of the building which are best possible solutions for the particular region. And good designs can make full use of the real estate market in making the building more efficient and self-sustainable, thus reducing the impact on the environment, and increasing the value of the real estate while dealing with the global issue of sustainability. It acts as a growth magnet, slowly pulling the nearby regions and pushing them to develop further, in turn creating self sustaining pockets of well developed regions, raising the standard of living, and making its real estate market value stronger.

It is high time design was given more freedom and design would not be overshadowed by the inputs of the developer.

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