Modern Twist on Exposed Brick

Bricks have been used for building of structures since the beginning of architecture for building permanent structures. Exposed brick structures became famous with the public since the late 1900’s. People prefer these as they are not only an eco friendly option, but are also sustainable. They are cost effective as it saves on the plaster … Continue reading Modern Twist on Exposed Brick


Architecture and Real Estate Trends

Real estate and architecture quite often fail to recognise their inexorable connections, and on most levels, tend to be in complete contradiction of one another. While architects tend to push the boundaries of design by often looking past the ease of execution and practicality, without worrying about the current real estate trends, real estate developers … Continue reading Architecture and Real Estate Trends

Round homes are catching on, but are they green?

The oldest forms of indigenous shelter were often round in shape, something which our ancestors saw reflected in the surrounding natural environment. In the past, they were much more widespread, being the shape of choice because they were strong, good for ventilation and air circulation, energy efficient, less vulnerable in strong winds and they used … Continue reading Round homes are catching on, but are they green?

Revolutionary Trends: Eco-Friendly bricks

India has one of the fastest-growing populations in the world, and for centuries the clay fired brick has been the most popular building material in the sub-continent due to its local availability and low cost. However, negative environmental and social impacts surrounding its production have raised concerns about its future use. And to address these … Continue reading Revolutionary Trends: Eco-Friendly bricks